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Solid Resilient Tires Manufacturing Process

Solid Resilient Tires Manufacturing Process

Geelanter Solid Resilient Tires are designed and engineered with highest quality rubber compounds to give high performance even in harsh and demanding environments. It has deep, aggressive lugs that give high traction which is needed to handle tough muddy applications. It’s extraordinary design has directional tread which acts as mud breakers for easy disposal of mud and water and it works excellently in shock absorption. Our aperture design is specifically designed for carrying heavy loads, providing a smooth, cushioned ride without the bounce associated with pneumatic tires.


1. Low operating cost due to non mounting process required

2. Less maintenance cost and high durability

3. Stability to control highest speeding of the vehicles due to reduce nature of tire heating

4. Lest maintenance cost & other charges of the vehicles due to less vibrations and shocks


1. Scissor lifts

2. Articulating booms

3. Telescopic booms

4. Light weight self propelled booms

5. Vertical masts

6. Push around

7. Trailer mounted booms

8. Other arial work platforms

9. Skid steer loader

10. Wheel loader

11. Backhoe loader

Solid Resilient Tires Manufacturing Process

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