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Solid Resilient Tyres tips

Maybe you've dealt with solid resilient tyres for industrial equipment before. But if you're beginner to the industrial equipment, or just want to learn more about relevant knowledge of solid resilient tyres, well,you're in the right place. Solid resilient tires assist in a variety of applications, most of them are used in industrial applications. These machines are often used in construction areas where a variety of metals, scrap, nails, screws, and other hardware may frequently puncture tires on heavy, load-bearing loaders.

solid resilient tyre application

What do the numbers on solid resilient tyres mean?

Solid resilient tyres can be used on various equipment, such as solid skid steer, telehandler, wheel loader, forklift... We always see numbers on tire, but lots of people don't understand what they mean, so what do the numbers on tyres mean?Following is answer:

1、Solid Resilient Tyres For Forklift

solid forklift tyre tips

A. 7.00-12  7.00--Tyre section width(inch) 12--Rim inside diameter(inch)

B. 28x9-15  28--Tyre outer diameter(inch) 9--Tyre section width(inch) 15--Rim inside diameter(inch)

C .355/65-15 355--tyre section width(mm) 65--ratio of the height of the tire's cross-section to its width(%) 15--Rim inside diameter(inch).

2、Solid Resilient Tyres For Skid Steer Loader

solid skid steer tyre tips
A. 33x12x20  33--Tyre outer diameter(inch)  12--Tyre section width(inch) 20--Rim inside diameter(inch);
B.17.5-25   17.5--Tyre section width(inch) 381--Rim inside diameter(inch)。

Different sized equipments call for different sized tyres. Understanding the marking printed on the sidewall of your tires is your first step to understanding what you need to buy to properly shod your mechanical workhorse. The second step is to pick the replacements for your worn out tires, understanding your options and matching those options to your needs, since what your equipment came with from the factory may not be the best choice.

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