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Brief Guide of Solid Tyre Classification

Pneumatic tyres, are by far the most common tyres used on passenger vehicles like yours. However, not all tyres are filled with air. There are many other types of vehicles (construction equipment, for instance) that use solid tyres. Of course there are many different types of solid tyres, most of them are used in industrial applications. Each has their own benefits, each is suited to different work environments,the following small series introduces the classification of solid tyres from different angels.

different solid tyre

1.Classification By Construction

According to the construction, solid tyres are generally classified into two types, a bonded type and a non-bonded type. The former refers to a tyre in which rubber is directly vulcanized on a rim, and the latter refers to a tire that is vulcanized and then fixed on a rim.

with rim or not

2.Classification By Shape 

According to the shape, there are two kinds of cylindrical solid tyres and inclined bottom solid tyres.

3.Classification By Use

According to the application, solid tyres are divided into anti-static, conductive, oil resistant, high load solid tyres, environmentally friendly solid tyres, etc.

special solid tyre application

A. Anti-Static tyres are used in environments where the electrostatic energy on tyres could cause an explosion.Ensure no chance of sparks and prevent fires.

B. Oil resistan solid tyres can prevents damage or premature wear from chemicals and oils on the groung.

C. Heavy duty solid tyre are built for heavy vehicles and vehicles working in rough conditions and created to be long lasting and withstand long wear cycles.

D. Environmentally-friendly solid tyres are industrial tyres suitable for low-speed, high-load running vehicles. It also has small starting resistance, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance,Eco-Friendly...

4.Classification By Equipment 

According to the different vehicles, solid tyres can be divided into Solid skid steer tyre, solid scissor lift tyre, soild boom lift tyre, solid telehander tyre, solid wheel loader tyre, solid undergroud tyre...

solid tyre application

5.Classification By Working Environment

According to the working Environment, except the general tire, there is a non-marking solid tire which is used in many fields that demands high levels of hygiene.The light-colored rubber formula avoids leaving black marks and braking trace on the ground during driving.

non marking solid tire


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