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Problems with the use of solid tires

Compared with pneumatic tyres, solid tyres have small starting resistance, simple structure, easy to use and maintain, small maintenance workload, no need to inflate, no leakage and puncture hidden trouble. However, the working environment of the solid tire is not competent for the pneumatic tire. In the process of use, the solid tire will have a great degree of wear and tear, so what kind of damage will occur to the solid tire?

I、 Slip Ring

In the process of use, the solid tire body heat is too high, will produce expansion phenomenon, thus leading to the condition of the tire slip ring.
So how to avoid a solid tire of sliding ring situation?
1. The imported fiber adhesive can be used as the base adhesive of the tire, which can improve the heat generation performance of the tire, thus greatly reducing the heat generation of the tire.
2. Choose a solid tire with round holes, which can increase the heat dissipation capacity of the solid tire.
The solid tire produced by Jielunte is made of imported fiber glue with round holes, which greatly improves the product quality and provides excellent heat dissipation performance.

II、Falling blocks and cracks

III、Take off a layer

The phenomenon of circumferential cracks or delamination between rubber is also known as delamination, which is also one of the common problems of solid tires. If the rubber contains water and debris or fiber adhesive is polluted by rain and debris in the storage and transportation process, solid tires are prone to delamination. In addition, factors such as poor embryo insulation of solid tires, premature embryo formation, overload and overspeed are all the causes of delamination of solid tires, which requires more attention from relevant personnel in the storage of solid tires and the driving process of vehicles. The solid tire produced by Jielun special USES high quality rubber material and is produced strictly in accordance with the standard process. Delamination rarely occurs.


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