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How to maintain solid tires?

Tires are the vital link between your vehicle and the ground providing the traction, stability and machine control required for operating safely. Tires get you to where you want to go, and play an essential role in getting you there safely. By far the most common tires used on passenger vehicles are pneumatic tires, however, not all tires are filled with air. There are many other types of vehicles (construction equipment, material handling & underground mining equipment, for instance) that use solid tires. Solid tires use a rubber material to provide structural integrity, rather than air pressure. They are completely immune to punctures and will never go flat like a pneumatic tire. 

solid tires

Solid tires generally work in tough working environments on slow vehicles, so we have higher performance requirements. In addition, it can be normally used on tricky terrain and rough surface, and many construction projects rely on it . So what can we do to better maintain it and to give full play to its advantages?

1.Correct storage placement

Solid Tires should be kept away from sunlight, oils, acids, flammable materials and chemical corrosion products. All tires should be stored in a cool, dry and dark room. 

2.Prevention of abnormal wear and tear

Strengthen the maintenance of the solid tires, we have 4 checkpoints during use: 

(1) Tire tread depth - Regularly checking the tread on all four of your tires can help diagnose potential problems. 

(2) Tire temperature - Regularly check in the high-temperature & low-temperature environments.

(3) Digging the stone - It is necessary to remove the metal sheets, glass and gravel between the embedded treads in time. 

(4) Digging the small hole - Check the nails, cuts, bulges and cracks of the tires in time, and fill them timely.

3.Pull up the maintenance quality of wheel assembly

Check and calibrate the wheel alignment in time, check whether the rim is cracked, deformed and obviously corroded. If it is, repair or replace it with high quality rim to ensure that the rim matches the tire; Adjust the hub bearing, tie rod ball joint, and main pin bushing clearance to the design value; Keep the balance of the solid tire, if it is not balanced, the wheel should be tested for dynamic balance;

4.Improve driving skills

When starting, we should feather the accelerator pedal to start smoothly, and the maximum speed should not exceed the speed limit of the tire level during driving. Emergency acceleration, sudden braking and sudden steering should be avoided during driving. Care should be taken to avoid large and sharp materials scattered on the road, when encountering obstacles such as stones and potholes, slow down or avoid.

At Geelanter Solid Tires, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and fulfilling your orders in a timely manner. Our target is not just to sell you a few sets solid tires, but to build a relationship you can depend on to last a lifetime. 


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