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When to Replace Your Solid Tires?

Geelanter is a company specializing in the production of solid tire products, we have rich experience in solid tires,today let's talk about the life of solid tires. Generally speaking, industrial solid tires have a normal service life of four to five years. After five years, we'd better replace them even if the tread wear is not so bad, because a long time will cause the tread rubber aging, and many small cracks are the cause of the puncture.

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However, for the service life of solid tires, there are not specific stipulations for them within the industry. Because according to the different rubber formulas, the vehicle usage environment and driving habits, the solid tire life will be different. Therefore, it is necessary for us to be more mindful while driving, because the solid tire aging also shows some certain signs. For example, the tire tread aging are mostly start from the edge of the tire such as tire shoulder or sidewall. long-term sun and rain will cause small circular cranks at the surface of rubber, these cracks  indicate that the load capacity and quality of the solid tires have already begun to to decline at this time. If pieces, or chunks, of your solid tires are falling off, that's a good sign, in order to reduce the risk of machine down, it is best to replace it in advance.

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In addition to rubber aging, solid tires will also wear out naturally. Therefore, the safety wear line is marked on the sidewall to indicate the real-time wear status of the solid tire before the products leave the factory. When the wear of your tires reaches that line, it’s time to replace. For solid tires without wear marks, we can also measure it by using vernier caliper. Generally, solid tires can no longer be used if the pattern groove depth is below 1.6 mm, because the tire's drainage performance and puncture resistance will be significantly reduced. When inspecting your solid tires also make sure to check if there are any uneven signs of wear on each individual tire and between tires on the front and rear and on the left and right side. There could be an underlying issue that is causing premature wear due to the equipment's condition or the application. Be sure to check your rims for any bending as they may need to be replaced as well. 

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Newly replaced solid tires can offer benefits like reduced fuel consumption, maximized efficiency and increased traction. Plus, new solid tires reduce shock – creating a better ride for the operator and reducing operator fatigue. Newly replaced solid tires can cover the same distance with fewer rotations and that means the drive train components will experience less wear. It can also lower maintenance costs.


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