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Geelanter Foam Filled Car Tires Test

Geelanter foam filled tires enable a proper run of industrial equipment on sharp objectives such as broken glass, nails, pointed metal fragments or rocks avoiding from flat tires or tire bursts, thus improving productivity and reducing costs. Even if a foam fill tire puncture or cutting damage occurs, the motor-driven vehicle with foam filled tires will be able to be kept running, thus eliminating the expensive downtime and the losses of production generated from it. By the help of foam filled tires, on the premise that the related works are to be completed as scheduled, the customer's satisfaction will be improved accordingly. The large density (in comparison with air) of tire filling material empowers the weight of equipment, which results in an improvement on the stability of heavy-duty equipment and machines. Some of the equipment operators prefer pneumatic tires as the pneumatic tires are more comfortable. Fortunately, the Geelanter foam filled tires are armed with a similar comfort level as of pneumatic tires yet equipped with a series of hardness, thus empowering the equipment with required operating characteristics (the specific operating characteristics depend on the application field). For example, foam filled tires with the different hardness of internal materials can be selected for flexible pavement or rigid rock pavement.

Geelanter  foam filled tires range is include foam filled tractor tires,   foam filled telehandler tires, foam filled boom lift tires,foam filled skid steer tires, foam filled atv tires, foam filled forklift tires,foam filled loader tires...

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