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2020 Bauma, Geelanter is waiting for you

The 2020 Bauma will be held at SNIEC from November 24th to 27th. At that time, Geelanter will show the newest foam filled tires. Welcome, everyone.

At the beginning of 2020, the world was hit by the new COVID-19, cause widespread economy down and production shutdowns, and the economy once fell into a downturn. China quickly contained the epidemic and we started to introduce economic stimulus policies. Under the stimulus of local infrastructure construction in China, the construction machinery market has experienced a large-scale blowout, and the overall market is thriving. Our important partner, Shanghai Far East Horizon, is optimistic about the market this year, and we will increase our cooperation. Due to the demand for tires in the leasing market, muti size, and the demand for a single product is small, Geelanter has reached strategic cooperation with some well-known domestic pneumatic tire manufacturers, ensure provide different sizes of foam filled tires in time according to customer requirements.

With the gradual relief of the epidemic and the global return to normal, Geelanter will bring the current mainstream series of foam filled tires to the Bauma. Booth number: W3 650. Welcome.

Scope of application of Geelanter special foam filled tires: skid steer loader, boom lift, telehandler, loaders, mining underground loader, special loader


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