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Features of industrial scissor lift tires

The world as we see today is all thanks to the engineering feats of some of the greatest minds on earth. These engineering feats, however, require a variety and plethora of heavy machineries such as excavators, cranes, bulldozers, loaders, tractors, trucks, rollers, dumpers, drilling machines, and whatnot. From digging the ground kilometers deep to erecting statues hundred meters high, from building bridges several kilometers long to building foundations hundreds of feet deep, nothing is possible without these pieces of machinery (which in itself can be considered as other feats of engineering). However, to complete any given project, these machines undergo a lot of wear and tear and the particular part that is abused the most are their tires. Running continuously for months or maybe even years on such rough terrains means that tires need to be replaced very frequently.

As such, the expenditure on the maintenance of said machines begins to run very high and tires contribute to a major portion of said maintenance making the need for quality tires an imperative task. To bear with such rough usage, normal tires are no good and like it is said, extreme situations demand extreme measures. Therefore, special tires such as industrial scissor lift tires or aerial lift tires are the best alternatives to ensure durability and value. Such special tires have quite a lot of features which allow them to work in the manner that they do, such as:

· High abrasion resistance

As discussed before, working on rough terrains is not good for the tires because pebbles and small yet sharp stones can puncture the tires very easily and replacing them becomes an enduring task if the puncture is noticed during work for doing so in such rough and patchy places is next to impossible. They need to be hauled all the way over to the maintenance yard and do the needful.

However, specialized tires such as aftermarket scissor lift tires are less prone to cuts and damages in them making them an ideal choice to be used in heavy machinery deployed in demeaning terrains.


· Higher stability

Wear and tear of tires reduce the number as well as the depth of the treads in them, which can cause them to skid on slippery or greasy surfaces which can often become fatal and cause harm to life and property.

Therefore, industrial scissor lift tire manufacturers make sure that tires are treaded in the best manner to allow for maximum contact and traction.


· Lower deflection

As tires are loaded, they tend to change their radius and this is called deflection. But if this deflection is too high, the tire shall blow and give away very quickly. These special tires are made in such a manner that even with the heaviest of loads, they deflect very less. This is made possible by using tough materials in the rim as well as in the tire rubber.


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