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Geelanter 15x5 Genie scissor lift tires

Genie 3232

Geelanter have honor to serve to many Genie lift user and equipment rental company, offer scissor lift tires for aftermarket, such as popular 15x5 Genie scissor lift tires. our design advanced tread compound based on top quality grades of natural rubber. Delivers reduce rolling resistance, optimum tear strength and high abrasion resistance. Because of mass production, our scissor lift tires are very competitive price, besides keep high quality.

Our 15x5 Genie scissor lift tires are perfect match Genie scissor lift equipment-GS 3032, 2632, 3232, 2046, 2646, 3246, 4047 ...

Following is  Genie® GS™-3232 introduce:

genie 3232

The quiet, zero-emission Genie® GS™-3232 slab scissor lift is ideal for operation in sound-sensitive environments. With front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius, it boasts excellent maneuverability in tight spaces. It is purpose-built to perform in indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications on firm, level surfaces.


Automatic leveling hydraulic outrigger system levels machine on slopes up to 5˚

Link stack is centered at full elevation and platform extension for machine rigidity

Compact dimensions and folding guardrails — easily passes through standard single or double doors

3-ft (.91 m) extension deck provides maximum platform workspace for workers and tools

Geelanter 15x5 Genie scissor lift tires are further designed with non-marking seamless technology and are set with competitive prices, which leads to the top match for manufacturers and equipment leasing companies.

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