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9-14.5 Foam-filled Tires For Genie J45/25J DC&Bi

Today we will deliver a batch of 9-14.5 foam-filled tires to Shanghai Horizon Equipment & Engineering which is the largest access equipment rental company in China largest. As a professional tire supplier, Geelanter has been providing tire products toHorizon since last year. The 9-14.5 sized foam-filled tires can be used for Genie Z45/25J-DC&Bi articulated boom lift, which is increasingly popular in the Chinese market.

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In June 2019, the world-famous magazine International Rental News in the construction machinery rental industry published the global top 100 in the rental industry in 2019 and Shanghai Horizon Equipment & Engineering ranked the 57th place in such list based on its rapid improvement of comprehensive strength.

It is worth noting that the ranking of the Horizon Equipment & Engineering in the Top 100 list rising 25 places compared with the previous year, it's ranked 2nd in IRN100 growth list.

Shanghai Horizon Equipment & Engineering has 55 branches, 2500 employees, more than 18000 equipment and the best service provider in China. As the largest powered access rental company in China, Horizon began to show its influence and strength on the international stage, the major suppliers of Horizon include Terex, JLG, Dingli and other international leading companies in the powered access field.

Tires get you to where you want to go, they are the vital link between the machine and the ground providing the traction. They are the vital link between the machine and the ground providing the traction. Typically, manufacturers offer three options for boom lift tires: air-filled pneumatic tires, foam-filled tires and solid tires. So why we use foam-filled tires for boom lift? Just imagine it, when you're working at a height of 10 meters with an aerial lift and driving on a construction site. A rock or some other sharp object punctures your tire, even with the fall protection equipment, this situation will probably not end well. To avoid such situations, the aerial lifts should equip with the correct tires: foam-filled tires.
9-14.5 Foam filled tires for genie J45/25j
The Genie Z45/25J-DC&Bi articulated boom lift provides almost 16m working height and a safe working load of 227kg. The very compact chassis improves maneuverability in confined areas and therefore makes it is ideal for moving in the most difficult places. Its standard tire option is 9-14.5 foam-filled tire, foam-filled tires substitute the air in pneumatic tires with rigid foam made from urethane. This “foam” varies in hardness and the hardness you choose depends on the application and specific worksite requirements. Due to the expanding rigid foam, foam-filled tires are flat-proof which gives them an added advantage over their air-filled tire counterparts.
Genie J45/25 foam filled tires
Geelanter has a professional foam-filled manufacturing line, use top quality polyurethane foam filled material, can deliver customized foam filled tires according to customer's requirement quickly. Our product range includes foam-filled tractor tires, foam-filled telehandler tires, foam-filled boom lift tires, foam-filled skid steer tires... And also Geelanter has various sizes of foam-filled tires to fit different brands of equipment. For more information, please visit our website.


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