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The difference between Solid Skid Steer Tires & Pneumatic Tires

Within the construction machinery industry, skid steer loaders are those types of efficient machines that are getting more and more important in any heavy projects in a rapidly growing industry. Skid steer loaders have multiple uses on a job site, depending on which attachments you add to the front. There are some common attachments your equipment may use: auger, bucket, grapple... Just as your choice of attachments will make a difference in how your skid steer loader performs on the job, so will your choice of tires. The right tires can improve productivity and reduce downtime. If you put the wrong tires for your needs on your machines, however, you could find yourself wasting both time and money. What’s the difference between solid skid steer tires and pneumatic tires? Let’s show you.
replace solid tire for bobcat s650
solid bobcat tires vs pneumatic tires

As you know, tires are the power transfer point between the work surface and your skid steer. Some construction sites have soft ground material like sand or dirt, while other sites consist of rock, asphalt and concrete surfaces, which are more abrasive. Choosing the right tires significantly impacts skid steer working efficiency handling and safety characteristics. But before you start searching for tires, see if your skid steer gives you the option to choose different tires. A few weeks back we discussed foam-filled tire vs. solid tire on skid steers, and today we are going to look at some of the differences between pneumatic & solid tire.

Pneumatic Tires

bobcat pneumatic tire

bobcat pneumatic tires

When faced with general working conditions, pneumatic tires are a very popular choice and seems would be the best fit. They are the lowest up-front cost option for equipping your machine and also offer more comfort for the driver due to their cushioning ability. However, an obvious downside to pneumatic tires is that you drive your skid steer through job sites filled with debris such as nails and other sharp objects, your vehicle could get a flat - and predicting when and where that flat is going to happen is next to impossible.  So these tires require air pressure checks and refills on occasion. Getting a flat tire while working not only sets you back the replacement tire & labor installation costs - the effect of your machine downtime also be taken into consideration! Having said that - there are many applications where a high-quality set of pneumatic tires is perfectly suitable for your business needs.

Solid Tires

solid bobcat tire

solid bobcat tires

Solid tires’ lifespan is approximately 3-4 times higher than traditional pneumatic tires because they are made from special rubber compounds. The tear & wear strength is more than double that of most pneumatic tires, which helps keep the tire intact when running over the harshest job sites. In terms of up-front cost, solid skid steer tires are more expensive than pneumatic tires. However, since the recent popularity of solid skid steer tires, the contractors have a choice to upgrade their pneumatic tires to solid tires for a better long-term return - and more reliable daily performance on their job sites. Here are a few significant advantages we believe will make choosing a solid tire:

● Reduced Downtime
Equipping your skid steer with solid tires means that you do not have to worry about getting a flat. Besides, when solid tires need to be replaced, the procedure is extremely simple and fast—generally, the tire and rim are replaced simultaneously.
● Widespread Application
Solid skid steer tires are designed to excel in the toughest terrain and harshest conditions. Your industry likely dictates how you use your skid steer loader, and when you select your tires, you'll need to account for the environment you use the skid steer in, such as underground mining, demolition, waste transfer stations, concrete plants...
● LongerLifespan
Solid tires are built to last, it wears and tears much longer than pneumatic tires and provides the ultimate in puncture resistance. You can get up to 3-4 times the wear out of a good set of solid tires than you could with a set of pneumatics. This is especially true in heavy-duty service applications.

● Less Maintenance

Solid tires are almost maintenance-free. They can withstand punctures and debris and still operate well. Just bolt solid tires on and get to work. There’s no need to check air pressure or look for chunks and cuts that may be leaking foam.
● Reduced Overall Cost
Solid tires cost more up-front than pneumatic tires. However, given their reduction of downtime (and all the benefits it brings), along with superior durability and a longer lifespan, the cost of ownership of a solid tire is considerably better than what’s offered by a pneumatic tire.

Geelanter solid skid steer tires for Bobcat and other makes of skid steers offer a number of benefits to help contractors complete all projects on time, on budget, and to specifications.
Hope everyone can find the best-fit tires for your skid steer, if you want to learn more about our products,  please click solid Skid Steer tire.


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