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Great cooperator, great foam filled tyre

Upon the end of the COVID-19 epidemic in China, infrastructure construction has embraced massive investment, which has drawn a considerable increase in the demand for construction machinery, especially aerial platform. Thus, resulting in the vigorous development of the foam-filled tyre market. Through the farsighted business distribution, Geelanter Solid Tire has now owned fully developed production lines and technology. At present, there are two foam-filled tyre production lines under full operation, which are capable of customizing foam-filled tires for equipment such as aerial platform(boom lift, telehandler),forest tractors , and skid steer loaders according to clients’ demands.

As we all know, some equipment needs to work in specific environments, such as construction sites full of rubble, nails and steel bars, forest paths full of stumps, gravel, docks or garbage disposal sites full of metal fragments, and underground mines with high safety level, where traditional pneumatic tires are incapable of action. The conventional pneumatic tires may be punctured, which may stop the operation of the equipment and cause accidents and unnecessary losses. Solid tires and foam-filled tires can both easily cope with such complicated environments, but foam-filled tires offer higher comfort and better adaptability to unpaved roads in the fields. This is also the reason why our clients choose foam-filled tires for a particular environment.

A foam-filled tire is filled with polyurethane upon the combination of a pneumatic tire with the wheel, which ensures that the tire is filled with filling materials. Upon puncture, the tire would not flatten, as there is no gas, which provides the underlying condition of the operation of machinery continuously. It is particularly important to select wheel rim suppliers who supply high-quality products and has strong production capacity. We have a long cooperation history with well-known domestic wheel manufacturers for years, forged much success in rapid small-batch product delivery according to the client’s requirements. We believe that high-quality products are made only under cooperation with great partners, and only high-quality products can satisfy clients and generate long-term cooperation!


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