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Tyrfil foam filled Skid Steer Tires compare with Solid Skid Steer Tires

Skid steer loaders, are becoming more and more popular in a range of industries. They are used to handle difficult jobs on heavy-duty applications including scrap-yards, construction sites, steel plants & quarries... As the name implies, a skid steer loader 'skids' to turn, which puts a lot of stress on the tires. This makes the skid steers extremely versatile and agile, but the rough use wears tires out.

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As an operator, your biggest concern is avoiding flat tires on your skid steers while working. So, it makes sense to look for tire solutions that can’t go flat even when they’re damaged. This gives us to two main options: (1) solid skid steer tires (2) tyrfil foam filled skid steer tires. Both will prevent flats, traditionally however, there are some significant differences between them.

Tyrfil Foam Filled Skid Steer Tires

tyrfil tires


1. You will not get a flat tire with Tyrfil foam filled tires. You might get extra traction from the added weight.

2. Tires can be punctured, cut or chipped and they will not go flat – your equipment will continue to work.

3. There is no chance of a tire blow out causing instantaneous flats. Your operators and anyone else in the work area will be protected from the explosive force of a blown out tire.


1. Tyrfil foam filled tires are heavy and add a lot of unwanted weight to the skid steer drivetrain.  More fuel is also expended operating these tires due to their added weight.

2. Tyrfil Foam filled tires have a reduced wear life in comparison with solid tires, especially when operated in harsh environments over a period of time.

3. A Tyrfil foam filled tire wall wall is a bit weak, and the strength will be affected after punctured.

Solid Skid Steer Tires

solid skid steer tires


1. Solid skid steer tires are made entirely of a consistent rubber compound. This means there’s no air  to leak out of the tire no matter what type of damage the tire gets. They never go flat.

2. Due to the increased lug sizes and normally harder rubber compound, solid skid steer tires have longer wear life .

3. Solid skid steer tires wall is enough tough .


1. Solid skid steer tires feature a rigid structure which can compromise traction in muddy terrains.

2. Due to the stiffness, solid skid steer tire offer a rougher ride for operators, leading to operator fatigue and reducing productivity.

In conclusion, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to extreme-duty industrial applications, more and more contractors are gravitating towards solid tires, as they tend to outperform Tyrfil foam filled tires. But Tryfil foam filled tire provides a more comfortable ride, and the selection is often based on balancing comfort versus durability in the application.

Of course, the point of investing in a tougher tire is getting more tire life and productivity from it.

Geelanter Tires’ offers a series of high-quality Tyrfil foam filled tires & solid skid steer tires with various  of tread patterns, each designed to perform optimally on a specific type of terrain.


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